Fixed Rate Home Mortgage

Fixed Rate Home Mortgage

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Finance your home today with fixed rate mortgages. We provide solid, secure mortgages backed by Fannie Mae, Ginnie Mae or Freddie Mac. That might sound boring, but you'll appreciate the stability. Flexible terms. Fixed or adjustable rates. It's your call.

What Are Your Options?


  • 30-year Fixed Rate Mortgage


    The 30-year fixed rate mortgage is slow and steady. The best thing about it is that you know what you're paying for every month. With consistent monthly principal and interest payments, it's an ideal choice if you plan to stay in your home seven years or longer.

    Generally, it's more difficult to qualify for fixed-rate mortgages than for adjustable-rate mortgages. But when the interest rates are low, there's not as significant a difference between the costs of fixed and adjustable rate loans. In fact, you'll find that fixed rates can be a better deal over time, because you're able to lock in the rate for the duration of your loan.


    15-year Fixed Rate Mortgage


    The fifteen-year fixed rate mortgage is comparable to a good workout – work harder, finish sooner, and feel better. That's what you'll get if you fulfill all repayments in 15 years; you'll save on interest payments and a whole lot of time paying for your house. It comes with all the benefits of the 30-year fixed rate mortgage – plus a better interest rate. Not to mention you pay off your home twice as fast.

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