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Previous credit challenges including bankruptcy and/or foreclosure?

You may still qualify for a mortgage.


  • - Bankruptcy discharge - 2 years

    - Foreclosure - 3 Years Ago

Our mission is to help people with past credit blemishes achieve the dream of owning their own home. We are experts when it comes to not so perfect credit lenders. We are a lender, not a broker, so we handle the process from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and personalized process for you.

In order to help our underwriter fully understand your situation and be comfortable in approving your mortgage, we may need a few extra items. Below are examples of items we may request in order to help expedite your approval.

  • Explain what happened

    We'll need a written explanation of the situation leading to the bankruptcy and/or foreclosure. We're looking for isolated circumstances that were the cause for the filing, which would be unlikely to repeat. And we are equally interested in your recovery — what you’ve done since or need to do now.


  • Documentation is helpful

    We will request a copy of your bankruptcy paperwork, including your discharge. Optimally, we will want to show timely rent payments for the past 12 months. And, any other documentation you might have to clarify and support your letter of explanation would be helpful.


  • Demonstrate good money habits now.

    Many people who file bankruptcy swear off credit altogether. However, it is important to re-establish your credit rating. Get a credit card (secured if necessary) to demonstrate that you are able to make timely payments. We can help guide you with this. Meantime, make sure you are making other payments (utility bills, cell phone, etc.) on time as well.


  • Identify any credit report errors

    As part of our process, we will obtain a credit report and will be able to help you identify any errors and help you with next best steps to correct issues that you believe to be inaccurate. We have the expertise to help you with steps to make corrections on your own report.


  • Save your money

    While not always necessary to get an approval, your ability to establish a savings pattern can always help to show that you have been able to live within a budget and still put money back. This shows you are able to not only manage your obligations since your bankruptcy, but save money at the same time. And it's usually easier if you have at least a 3.5% down payment.


  • Determine what payment you can comfortably afford

    Try to be realistic as you consider your price range and your budget for a mortgage payment. We have flexibility to make exceptions to normal debt ratio guidelines, but it is always best to try to keep your total monthly payments within a reasonable tolerance.


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